Pest Control Management Companies

Bed Bug termination has been the biggest focus for most pest control operators globally. Along with professional pest management during a bed bug infestation, mattress, pillow and bolster encasement should be added for a complete protection and prevention. Mattress Encasement prevent the colonization of bed bug inside the mattress and along the seams of the mattress. Our bed bug waterproof encasement product line already enhance the capabilities for some pest control companies that we work with and we are confident our product range can help your business grow to be a more complete bed bug terminator. To find out more, please contact us.

Wholesaler and Retailer

Sleep Comfie Premium Plus and Premium Protection products are well known for their exceptional quality and ability to protect a mattress from bed bug attack, accidental fluid spills and dust mites infestation. Our Product are Waterproof Certified from Switzerland and Anti Bedbug Certified from USA. We welcome local and international dealership. By adding our product line to your current inventory can help increase your sales in mattress protection sector, which has quickly become the fastest growing product segment for furniture and mattress retailers. To find our more, please contact us.

Adult Care and Hospitality Companies

Adult Care Center and other related service provider are continuously exposed to unforeseen circumstance where urine and fluid spillage being the main concerned. We have a variety of products to help your company protect your mattresses from bed bugs, dust mites and Urine / liquid spillage. By protecting the beds, mattress care made easier and surely able to save your property potentially thousands of dollars in mattress replacements costs. Some of our client already seen the benefits by adding on our product line to their bed, pillow and bolster. To find out more, please contact us.

Hotel and Property Management Companies

Hotel and Property management companies are constantly facing with bed bugs infestation. Liquid spillage is another big concerned in order to maintain highest quality, hygiene standard and reputation for your property. Most importantly, lengthening the mattress lifespan in turn saving replacement cost. Once a unit is infested, pest control alone is often not sufficient. To better protect and prevent such infestation, Bed Bug Waterproof Mattress Encasement and Pillow Protector should be used for a hassle free maintenance which has been enjoyed by some our clients. We are able to tailor made to all specification and requirement. To find out more or bulk purchase, please contact us.

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